The In Between

I’m sort of lost.

I did not vote for Trump. I did not vote for Hilary.

I voted for the small guy. I knew He couldn’t win, but His values and priorities aligned with mine most. So I choose a guaranteed loser.

Now we’re here. In a flurry of anger and fear and confusion. I’m lost.

I’m find that I’m the in between.

My Facebook and Instagram feed are flooded with love, and with anger. I see people celebrating because they believe we’re headed for a positive change. That Trump is going to actually do something to somehow make this Country ‘great again’. I see them bashing the ‘elite hollywood’ and the left wing ‘liberals’. Punch after punch. I see them making excuses for His unthinkable words and behavior.  On the other side I see people screaming ‘he’s not my president’. And they’re screaming louder and louder. They are scared, and they are angry.

The gap is growing Friends. The divide is getting wider and wider. Everyone is screaming. And no one is listening.

Today millions of humans marched. For equal rights and for Women’s rights. I love that. But, I sort of, kind of, don’t, at the same time…

One voice can turn into an ocean. A million voices can change the world.

But where do I belong?

I believe Black Lives Matter.

I believe Gay lives matter.

I believe women should be treated with respect and equality.

I think immigrants should be given a fair chance and opportunity.

I believe ALL humans…are loved and created by a God who formed them in His image. Every single one of them.

I also believe that life matters. Not just black, white, blue, female, or male…not just lives but LIFE.

Do the unborn women of the world have equal rights? Who fights for them?

Does the unborn muslim baby have rights?

Does the gay baby boy have rights?

Who speaks for them? Who screams for their rights and their equal chance at ‘life, love, and the pursuit of happiness’?

Have you ever put your ears under the water in a bathtub full of water? You can hear your heart beat. Loud. Bold. Strong. Alive.

Do you know that 3 weeks after conception a baby has a heart beat? It’s alive. This is scientific fact. And I can’t, simply can’t, wrap my mind around how ending that heartbeat falls in the category of ‘female reproductive’ rights. I can’t draw the line from one to the other. I don’t see the logic there. We raise millions, and millions of dollars a year to help fight against pre-mature births. To help the March of Dimes. And in the same breathe we give our dollars to support pro-choice? So when you WANT the baby then it’s worth everything in the bank, but when you’re not ready or it’s an inconvenience then you should have the right to throw them in the trash? Literally.

I’m on the side that fights for ALL Life. And I want to be on the side that is listening. Hearing. I want to understand people’s hearts. I want to wash over my community with grace. Pure grace.

I am lost. The divide is growing. And I’m on my knees…

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Neighbors ~ { Bucks County Farm House }

We have the best Neighbors. And the cutest I might add. I had to snatch my camera when my youngest and their youngest started playing with their chickens! I mean, how cute!

It’s a farm life over here, and we love it!!

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Otts Exotic Plants { The J Family } ~ Bucks County Family Photographer

I had the incredible opportunity to capture a crazy cute Family. Not only am I lucky enough to call them Clients, but Friends too. We headed over to Ott’s Exotic Plants…and Friends…it was amazing. Such a unique and fun location!!


There is no shortage of personality!! <3

Interested in getting pictures done of your Family? Please shoot me an email!


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Bucks County Wedding Photographer ~ { Stacy Salvatori }

I’ve been so lucky to capture some of the most incredible Weddings. And to be a part of a day that is so important, is a huge honor and very humbling experience.

If you or someone you know, local or abroad is looking for a Wedding Photographer, I would love to talk details with you!

Here’s a few of my favs…and if you head over to this link on my Website you can see my complete portfolio!

Wedding Portfolio

Email me:

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This morning was unique. Instead of a house full of women. I had one.
We talked. We shared our hearts.
We were raw. Honest with one another.
A discovery? We’re a lot more alike then we knew.
The struggle and the reality?
The #1 thing we fight…self-hate, self-doubt, negative self- talk.
From our maker? NO.
From the enemy? Yes.
It’s a cultural epidemic. Stemming from  generation to generation. We pass it down to our own Children. And to boot, we living in a culture that pours barrels of gas on the fire daily. Magazines. Social media. Sometimes, our own community of people. 
We allow outside voices to become our internal one. We buy into the idea that we have to have it all together. Look a certain way. Wear the right things. Weigh the right amount. Eat the right things. Say the right things. But the painful thing is at the end of the day, when I lay my head down on my pillow is when it starts…”I didn’t do this right. I should have done this. I don’t think she likes me. I feel alone. I feel fat. I feel…I feel…I am…I am…”
We translate our feelings and our negative self-talk into our identity. It’s a downward spiral. It aches. It hurts. It can suffocate us.
Last night I caught myself. I literally heard myself headed down the steep slope. And I stopped. I took a breath. And I cried out to God.
“Holy Sprit. Maker of heaven and earth. This is NOT what you think of me. This is not how you see me. This is not how I should talk to anything you have created. Lord, help me. Help me, please. I can’t change my thoughts on my own.”
And it stopped. This barrage of lies. I MUST turn my internal voice into one of truth and freedom…one that is guided by my Creator. I have to shift my thinking…chase the light, be the light, listen to the one true Light.
Set my fire on Soul Lord.
And Friend. Whoever you are. Where ever you are.
Let me tell you the most important thing you will ever hear. The most important thing you MUST know.
Just as you. Period. Nothing else. Just you. As you are. Are enough.
And you are loved and treasured by the Maker of Heaven and Earth.
And if you feel anything different than that, it’s a lie. Don’t buy into it. Don’t. Your life depends on it.

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