The Lift Up Project

I’m a people person. I love people. I love variety. I love crazy. I love loud. I love real. I’m so ridiculously blessed to be surround by people who lift me up. They encourage me. Love me. Push me towards a better version of me. They laugh with me. They support. Call. Pray. Feed. Fill. Invest. In me. Through the years I’ve  learned a lot about myself and about others. I’ve collected memories and wisdom. I’ve seen how deeply women can tear each other down or lift each other up. With words. Actions. Looks. With our mouths with have the ability to literally break another’s spirit or build it up.

Er go…the #liftupproject

What is it? A chance to remind the women in your life that sometimes the way they see themselves is so different then how the rest of the world might see them. A chance to lift others up. A chance to speak words of life into those around you. Here’s the idea.

Capture images of a strong woman in your life. Write something about her character, not her appearance, that is beautiful. Something that draws you to her or strikes you about her. Something you want to emulate in your own life. And have her hold it in front of her. Maybe even without her knowing what it says!:)A mark of her beauty that she might not even be aware of. And let’s pass it on to our Daughters too!!

Let’s lift each other up.


All the best,


PS. My plan is to do this weekly!! Join me!!


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Ransom and Lisbeth ~ Bucks County Wedding Photographer

It was a perfect day for love. It was full of joy. Laughter. Tears. Sun. Warmth. Happiness.

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{Expecting} ~ Bucks County Maternity Photographer

A perfect maternity session on a gorgeous Summer night.

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Eric and Gloria {6.6.15} ~ Bucks County Wedding Photographer

Joy. Love. Perfection.

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The ‘E’ Family ~ Bucks County Family Photographer

I had to share this session. This beautiful Family are my clients and  my friends. They are beautiful souls who have dedicated their lives to helping others. There is simply no greater cause in life!


We had to get in a Awkward Family Photo! 😛

~ S

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