Happy Snow Day ~ Perkasie Photographer

Our morning looked a lot like this….


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Favorite Things ~ Part 1

OK. We’re almost a month in to 2015. Its had its ups and its down. I’m going strong. I’m still thinking it’s gonna be a good year. A really good year.

I was thinking yesterday about how my life is FULL of crazy artistic and talented People. Seriously. Crazy talented…and there are so many of them! I HAD to share with you some of my favorite things and they just so happened to be created/run/founded by some of my favorite People! True story. OK. Here’s my list from 2014!

Stacy’s Favorite Things

#1.)  Worthwhile Wear ~ An organization created to actively fight against modern day human slavery and sex trafficking. Wow! 1st of all, did you know those things are still real and exist in crazy large numbers? Well, my Friends Dan and Steph did and they’ve put their lives full force into actually doing something about it! You can find out so much more about them via their website: http://www.worthwhilewear.org

or their

 Worthwhile Wear Facebook Page

So, clearly they’re #1 on my list…because they’re fighting to save and change lives!

#2.) Lucent Lamp Works

I met Brad almost 2 years ago when I did Family pictures for him and his precious Family. Not too long after, he contacted me to begin photographing his custom/handmade lights! I wasn’t too sure what to expect…but to say I love every single piece he sells, is no lie. These Lights are creative, fun, unique and so beautiful! If you or anyone you know needs gorgeous handmade lighting…he’s your guy!

Check out more of His work here: www.lucentlampworks.com

3.) Planet Smoothie ~ Doylestown

One of my closest and dearest Friends in the whole world has a heart for others, and a heart to help others be healthy and strong! Over a decade ago, she choose to go out on a limb and start a Planet Smoothie Franchise, right here locally, in Doylestown, PA. Today is is a thriving business and has led her to her continued purpose of helping others loves who God created them to be and to help them get healthy, fit and and strong along the way! I love her heart and her passion for helping people reach their full potential! Have you ever struggled with your weight? Health? I’m pretty sure about 99% of Americans do or have…so her battle is a very valid and real one. If you need a champion, a supporter, or someone to help you find the tools you need to finally overcome! She’s your gal!

Check out here store here: Planet Smoothie Doylestown

And her fun blog here: www.2chicksgetfit.com

4.) Anca Pe’elma

Andrea was one of the 1st Friends I made when we moved to Pennsylvania 8 years ago. She’s also one of the most artistic, unique, and amazingly talented people I know! Her work is stunning and all handmade! From headbands, bracelets, to wreathes and crowns. It is all beautiful!

You can find more of her amazing creations on her website. http://ancapeelma.com

and at her Etsy Store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ancapeelma

5.) Amerikan Made Prints

Crazy cool stuff here people. I met Jen almost 3 years ago at a Church group. She’s quiet. But from day one I knew she was busting with creativity and artistic flare. She’s a great photographer, super creative, and talented artist! This screen print company was started by her and her husband. They’re running a Kickstarter Campaign right now to get their business going again…and I can wait to see where it takes them. I have every intention of getting one of their original posters in my own home soon!

Check out their cool site here: http://weareamerikanmade.com

And their Kickstarter video here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/664254482/the-relaunch-of-amerikan-made-prints

I didn’t want to make this post too long…so I will continue with my favorite things next week! Stay tuned and I hope to blog a few fun Session between now and then!


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Healthy Chicken Corn Chowder ~ Random Recipes

Ok. So this is random. But it is simply TOO GOOD not to share! Like about 98% of the known human race, I’m trying to start 2015 off with eating healthy and getting my butt to the gym a whole lot more. Tonight I made up my very own super duper healthy version of a ‘Chicken Corn Chowder’. And when I say it was delish…people I kid you not! You have to try it! I’m a photographer…not a chef, but man, this was a score!

Here it is:

 1.) Bake 3 large chicken breasts for about 30 minutes at 400 degrees, set aside to cool.

2.) Cook 1 package low fat turkey bacon (I used Godshalls, maple flavor is the best!!), set aside to cool.

3.) Simmer 3 cups lowfat or fat free chicken broth in large soup pot, toss in one 12 oz. package frozen yellow sweet corn.

4.) Sautee in frying pan until soft:

~ 1/2 yellow onion

~ 2 garlic cloves

~ 4 shredded carrots

5.) Blend until smooth in blender:

1 cup fat free greek yogurt (I used fage brand)

3 cups steamed cauliflower

2 cups skim milk

6.) Add sautéed ingredients into chicken broth and corn mixture, let simmer on medium heat for about 5 minutes.

7.) Lower heat and add creamy blended ingredients.

8.) Add a pinch of salt and pepper to taste.

9.) Cut turkey bacon and baked chicken up into small bits and toss in pot.

10.) Simmer for about 20 minutes on low heat, stirring periodically.

11.) For this step you can use an emersion blender and simply blend about half of the pot; or take a few cups of the soup mixture out and blend in a regular blender and then pour back into the pot. Helps make everything a little creamier!

Mix well and serve up sprinkled with a tiny amount of shredded cheese and enjoy!!

It was SO SO good. And substituting out half and half or heavy cream with the skim milk, greek yogurt, and cauliflower makes it a much healthier option on a snowy winter night!

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Blank Pages: 2015

So, we’re 3 days in. How’s your 2015? Did you make a beautiful list of resolutions? Or is that not your gig? I have to say, I’m sometimes cynical about feeling the need to make resolutions simply because it’s a New Year. But this year, I’m kind of digging it. Mostly the idea that it’s a fresh start of sorts. I can set new goals, personally and in my business. I get to write new chapters. New words on blank pages.

My 2015 Goals

~ Learn something new

~ Do something that scares me

~ Love others more deeply

~ Love myself

~ Become stronger

~ Savor the small things

~ Find contentment in all things

~ Read more

~ Pray more

I hope your 2014 was amazing. And I hope you 2015 is even better.  And because every post needs pictures…here are some from our Christmas Holiday in Southern California. We were so blessed to be given a week with my entire Family; My parents, my Sister, my Brother and his crew, and my tribe of five. We soaked up the sun. Ate yummy food. Laughed. And ended the year with full hearts.

My 8 year..she informed me that she was meant to live at the beach. Haha! I told her I was too!

My 6 year old. He cracks me up. No lie, he laid in the sand like that for 20 minutes. We all enjoy the beach differently I guess.:)

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Merry and Bright

Just for fun.

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