You know that moment when you feel too blessed to put it into words? Sometimes a picture helps, sometimes even that falls short. I feel that right now. I feel overwhelmingly blessed. My whole life Friendship has been important to me. Growing up in boarding school taught me fairly quickly that Friends can become Family. I’ve moved. A lot. Like a lot a lot. And at the ripe young age of 35, I feel undeservedly blessed by the beautiful Woman I get to walk along side. In the absence of my better half I’ve been sustained, helped up…by gorgeous, giving, selfless, thoughtful, serving, and deep Friends. When I was sick they loved on my children. When I was sad they made me laugh. When I was lonely they called. When I was happy they rejoiced with me. When I was silly they danced with me. They folded my laundry. Did my dishes. Cooked for me. Prayed for me. Texted. Called….
They say to connect yourself to the kind of people you want to be. Spend time with the kind of Woman you’d want to influence you. I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by just such people…

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Spring 2014 Mini Sessions ~ Bucks County Family Photographer

I was so very sad to have to turn away SO MANY amazing Families this Fall/Holiday season!

This time of year always books up months in advance! Everyone is eager to get Christmas cards out!:)

So what’s my solution?

If you missed Family pictures this year how about a 2014 Spring Mini Session!!??

You could even give this as a Christmas gift for someone you love!!!

Email ASAP to book your time slot!! Does a Mini Session not work for you? Ask about my normal Sessions!!

All the Best,


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In the business of making people smile ~ {Family Photographer}

How lucky am I? I literally make people smile for a living.

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My Husband’s Family is in town visiting us from Ohio. Tonight we went to one of our favorite spots, Lake Galena at Peace Valley Park. The trees were bright red, yellow…the sky was blue, and it was 65 degrees. We threw rocks in the lake. We soaked each other up. And of course…I snapped some pictures. Sometimes it’s the moments you don’t plan that speak the most to you. As I watch my 5 year old son stand with his Dad ( my super hot husband:)) and his Grandpa, I feel a sense of blessing. Blessed that my Son grows up on the shoulders of real men. Not a hollywood version of a man. But. Real. Men. Men who love Jesus with all their being. Who care for their wives deeply, ¬†and provide for their children above all else. My Son is surrounded by Men who I want him to emulate when He grows up.

Tonight I feel blessed.

Happy Weekend!




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The Lynde Family ~ Quakertown Family Photographer

I had to share this blog post as soon as I could…it’s just too much ’round eyed perfection’ to keep to myself! These girls are pretty much the definition of adorable! Enjoy!

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