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For the Fall of It

Just for the fun Fall of it! Happy Sunday!

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Love Yourself

What if we saw ourselves differently. When you look at a pictures of yourself, what do you do? Do you immediately begin to seek out the flaws? The blemishes? The wrinkles? If you don’t, you are rare and wonderful.

I’m 35. I’ll never been 22 again. But I wouldn’t trade the lifetime of lessons and growth for any amount of time reversal. I’m finally comfortable in my own skin. Content with who I am. Yes. I pick at my flaws, I find my mistakes. But then I ask myself…

What if we looked at ourselves differently?

I see lots of freckles on my face. From spending an entire summer outside with my Children. Swimming. Laughing. Playing. Sun-kissed.

I see gray hairs. Little pieces of wisdom gained from life’s small obstacles.
Each one is hard earned.

I see wrinkles around my eyes. From a lifetime of laughter and smiles.
Each one tells a story.

I see my Dad’s jaw line. A Family trait.
A Family I love.

I see a nose that’s a perfect combo of my Mom and Dad.
I’ve smelled each of my newborn children with it.
I’ve smelled Spring, the ocean, a perfectly cooked meal…

I see blue eyes. My Mother gave those to me. I gave them to my son.
With them I have seen the world.

I see a woman who is human. Flawed. But so, so, so lucky to be deeply loved.

Try it. Next time you take a pictures of yourself. Alone or surrounded by those you love. Find the good. Find the gifts. Find the experiences and the lessons learned. They’re all right there, on your face, waiting to be appreciated and embraced.

Love yourself.

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Step Back

Sometimes we want to be so close, so in on the action, that we can miss the big picture. Sometimes, just sometimes, when we take a second to step back…we get to see the whole scene. I like when I remember to step back. I catch moments like this. And I like this moment.

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Bucks County Wedding Photographer

Looking for a Wedding Photographer?  That’s cool. Cause I’m looking for amazing Couples to share their big day with me!

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