Mommy Reality

Ever see “Date Night” with Tina Fey and Steve Carell? Well, there’s this part in the movie where she’s finally being honest and she talks about how sometimes she just wants to run away to a hotel room and sit alone all day in silence. With nothing but her and the sound of the air conditioner humming. Tonight that might be me…

Parenting is not for the faint of heart. Period.  Sometimes my role as ‘Mommy’ fills me up. It’s my joy. My deepest longing. And if we’re being honest…on other days it sucks me dry. Dry as a desert. I go from ‘baking homemade zucchini bread’ Mom to ‘don’t make eye contact’ Mom.  It’s human. To have on days and off days. It’s human to love deeply. And it’s also human to get super annoyed when your beautiful Child has called your name no less than 1,000 times in the last 3 minutes.

Why am I telling you this? Not a clue. Maybe on the off chance that you might have ever felt this way. Maybe once you’ve wanted to hop in your car and drive cross country just to sit in silence for a few hours.  These precious faces are mine to love and cherish. A job I try most days to hold dear. An honest to goodness privilege. But sometimes, just sometimes, I want to be reminded that my identity isn’t just wrapped up in Mommyhood..I’m so many other things too. I’m a Wife. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Photographer. And sometimes I’m just me. Just Stacy. With whatever complexities and twitches I might have. I’m flawed. Selfish. Slightly crazy.  I’m also the most loyal Friend you could ever have. I value deep, meaningful, connected relationships. I love sunshine. A huge glass of ice cold tea. I love swimming. Biking. I love going to movies. White cake with white icing. I love horseback riding. Dogs. Hoodies. Flip flops. Walking barefoot on green grass. Palm trees.

Yes. I am Mommy. But occasionally it’s nice to remember I’m so much more too….

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Pay it Forward

This is a hard post to write. And it might get wordy. But it will be real.

I lead a charmed life. I’m blessed beyond my own understanding sometimes. As far as the things in life that a person might ever ‘need’, I have those and more. We all want things we can’t have. Some of us more than others. And sometimes it can hit you at different stages. Seasons pass where things seem flawless…they float along and you’re on top of the world. Other seasons, it’s hard. You want something different. You want what you can’t have. You want. Want. Want. It’s a dangerous black hole. And in my 35 years there have been many times where I’ve given into my desire for more. And there have been times when I have smacked the ‘want’ aside, pulled myself up by my boot straps and realized I have all I need and more. So deal. Sadly, in my own selfishness I’ve often gone with the former rather than the later. But I’m learning. I’m learning to find happiness in what some might call the ‘mundane’ or the daily drone of life. It’s in the those little moments that some of the greatest joys pop up and cause your heart to burst with love and fullness. And to think, I almost missed it…wanting something more, something different. Luckily I’m blessed to have this incredible Husband who works hard to help me see the happy in the everyday. And who can make fun out of a box of sticks. Seriously. He can bring our whole family to full laughter effortlessly.

OK. OK. Why am I getting all deep and pensive when it’s a Friday, and the last day of school no less? Come on Stacy, lighten up!:)Well. Cause here’s the other crazy thing. I also have these crazy people I walk through life with. They’re flawed people. Some are borderline nuts in fact. But I love them. Like crazy love them. They all have different strengths and different weaknesses. Sometimes they annoy me. And other times I feel like I can’t breathe until I have a good solid ‘sit down stare at your face and tell me everything about your life’ session. I grew up going to Boarding School. Friends became Family. Period. I’ve kind of kept that with me. My Friends. My close Friends are like Family. I love my Family, but sadly they all live far far away. Ohio. Indiana. California. North Carolina. Georgia. Maryland. Kentucky. Alabama. Congo. It’s hard. I wish it was not that way. So my Friends have helped easy that pain….they’ve stepped up. To be Family for us. We also have Friends that live far away that we love deeply too. Ones we know we’ll grow old and gray with. You know, the ones you might not see or talk to for months…sometimes years, but they still get you. You pick up, right where you left off.

So. In summary. My life is fun. It’s crazy. It’s full of crazy fun people. Sometimes I want things I can’t have.

What in the world does this have to do with photography Stacy?

Well. In the last month Family and Friends have blessed me and my Family in unspeakable ways. Yep. That’s pretty much the only way to say it. I’ve cried ugly ugly tears. Like the kind that flow when someone does something so immeasurable kind, generous, and loving for you that you can’t see straight. You’r left speechless. Overflowing with gratefulness. Feeling like you just got blessed, once again, beyond your deserving.  And the catch is you can never repay them. You can’t say ‘Thank  You” enough. You can’t express what your heart feels. You just know, that in that moment your ‘cup overfloweth’.  So as a way to thank those who have blessed me, I want to bless others. It’s true. When you’re loved you want to love back. This post is to announce that I’m going to give everyone who reads this a free pooooony!!!!!!! Hahaha! Well, I’m fresh out of ponies, but I have a camera. So I thought, what if I gave away 2 Free Photos Sessions for no reason at all. Just to bless someone who needs to be blessed!

I’m gonna pay it forward.

All you have to do is one simple thing. Well, two things.

First, leave a comment on this blog post or my Facebook page, telling me how a session would bless you!

Second, pay it forward. Go do something small for someone else.


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I’m the Lucky One

You ready for cheese? And I do mean cheesy overload.

Rumor has it that it is Father’s Day. And I’m not usually a big fan of Hallmark Holidays, but I’ll bite on this one. Because it’s another chance to love on this incredible Dad I know. He’s the Father of my Children. He’s the man I’m blessed to call mine. I fell in love with a long time (15 years to be exact). I loved a million things about Him. His smile melted me. Seriously. Like butter. There were a 1,000 qualities I admired, loved…cherished. But I had no idea…none at all, that watching him be “Daddy” to our Children would simply send me over the edge. I mean an avalanche kind of over the edge. I know a lot of good Dads. And even though I’m know for my exaggerating gifts, this time, I speak solid truth.  There is not, on this planet, a Father who loves His children better. He is present. Thoughtful. Kind. Patient. Active. Involved. Funny. I fall more deeply in love with him each passing year, month, week, moment…I love our Tribe of Five. I love our crazy chaos of a life. I love the tears and the laughter. I love this journey we’re on together.

I’m blessed. And my Children are even more blessed. See those smiles? Yep. Daddy put them there. That’s how they feel about Him.

Happy Father’s Day to quite literally The World’s Best Dad!!

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Summer Nite Sessions

I have the best Clients. Hands down. I love the incredible people I get to work with. And I never forget for a second the privilege it is to be asked by an individual or a Family to capture their smiles, their bond, their Kids, right where they’re at. I’m lucky to do this awesome job.

Now are you ready for a funny fact? 95% of my Clients book me for Fall Sessions. It’s true. Everyone is in love with the Autumn colors…and everyone loves a fun new picture to put on those Christmas Cards! So I’ve decided today, that I’m going to fight for Summer! That’s right! Summer deserves to be photographed too!:PSo here’s the plain and simple of it…if you book me, Stacy Salvatori, for a Photography Session to take place from July 1st – August 31st you’re gonna get a treat!

Yep. You’re eyes have not lied to you. It’s true. Simply for booking a Summer Nite Session you get a 14% discount! Why 14%? Well in honor of Summer 2014 of course! And the picture above is a perfect example of a summer evening capture! Greenery everywhere, beautiful lush trees, and oh heavens…the PERFECT warm lighting! The absolutely best time in the world to take pictures is from 6-8 on a Summer Nite. The sun is setting, the backlighting is glorious. It’s the perfect combination!

Book your session now. You can still use those beautiful images for all those Holiday Cards and everyone will love you for sending them sun-shiney pictures in the winter!

Are you ready to give Summer a chance!??

Can’t wait to hear from you!

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FAQ: What to Wear for Your Photo Session {Update 2014}

Three years ago I wrote a blog post giving some tips on how I felt one might dress for getting pictures done. Ask a million people, and you’ll get a million opinions. I can only speak based on some of my experience. I love my Clients. And I love their variety of personalities and attire. I’m a firm believer in the whole ‘variety is the spice of life’.;)

With that said. Here’s my two cents.

I’m not usually a fan of uniforms. I think everyone in your Family is an individual and should dress accordingly. When everyone wears jeans  with a white top, it does little to show personality or variety. And more often then not, it washes out your faces, which simply isn’t flattering to anyone. But instead of focusing on what not to do, let’s redirect on what TO-DO!

Dress in warm, neutral, or simple colors and then add sprinkles! What are these sprinkles, you ask? Pops of color! I love pops of color!  Here are a few examples in picture form! I always like to see examples!

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