I had the crazy privilege of growing up in Africa. Zaire or Democratic Republic of the Congo as it is now known, for the first 18 years of my life. I went to boarding school for a time period in Kenya, and that's when I picked up my first camera. I joined the yearbook staff and became addicted. Snapping pictures. Developing film. And making my own prints. It was the most rewarding thing.

Fast forward 20+ years later and I still have a camera in my hand. I have shot film, jumped to the digital world for the last 10 years, and am now doing more film again. I love both for what they have to offer. The timelessness of film and the quickness of digital. Call me a Hybrid if you will.

I am married to the world's most kind, gracious and loving Husband, and Father. We have 3 Kids who get their pictures taken way more then they like. A dog. A Farmhouse. And the most amazing and supportive Family and Friends to share life with. 


Kentucky born.

African raised.

Pennsylvania is home.

The World is awaiting...