You’re Welcome

Yep. You’re welcome. If you can look at this picture and not smile. Well, you are without a soul.:P

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{Jason and Katie} ~ Atlanta Wedding Photographer

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Reality Check ~ This blog post is for me…not you…

It’s pouring rain out today. The sun has taken it’s cue to hide..probably from now until March or April…Pennsylvania winters can be down right depressing. I mean, I know I don’t live in Alaska or Minnesota, but compared to Congo, where I grew up…..well I might as well! Enough about the weather. Oh, you didn’t know? This is a blog post all about weather. Kidding. Kidding. Today however, my mood matches the weather. Sullen. Slightly gloomy. And lacking in sunshine.

So. Here I sit. On this rather dreary day…editing away on the gazillion images I have on my hard drive. It’s easy to get discouraged in this ‘industry’. It’s easy to compare yourself to others (big NO NO!!) and feel so inadequate…not as hip or stylish. Maybe I’m not keeping up with the latest trends or fads. Or what if I don’t have as many ‘Likes’ or Fans! I must be a failure!  OH! Glory..and then when you find out former clients have chosen to walk away from you and are now getting pictures done with another ‘more affordable’ Photographer. Well, that one bites. And it bites hard.

Then I have to stop. Breathe. Why do I do this again? Yes. Yes. It’s a job, I do it to help pay the bills. It’s true. But why did I pick this…no, seriously. Why did I? I’m not 100% sure but I think when I catch images like the ones below I remember. I do this cause I get to capture: love. joy. laughter. silliness. sunshine. innocence. family. life. love…

Yep. That’s right. I get to snap these small moments. Moments that I hope in 10 years when that Mom or Dad or Kid looks back at them, they’ll smile. They’ll remember that feeling. They’ll remember that their little girl was only One once…she loved it when Daddy acted like a monkey. And that Kid might feel loved, just knowing that their Mom went out of her way every year, she saved up every holiday, just so she could get Family pictures taken. She didn’t want to miss a single moment.

That’s why I do this…yep. I just needed to remind myself. My mood may match the weather…but I hope, I pray, that my images bring joy to the lives of those I am blessed enough to capture!!

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Side By Side Comparison

Sometimes it’s really fun to share my work. Sometimes it’s hard. One of my favorite things is sharing the little pops of magic that can happen when you have good equipment + quality editing programs. So, I headed over to my Facebook page, which I love for keeping in touch with my Clients on a day-to-day basis. But the quality of my pictures once they are posted on Facebook is, well….embarrassing.:(So, for today I’m posting on here. In the simple hopes of my pictures actually looking like..they actually do! Haha!

This beautiful and happy image took about 30 second to edit in Lightroom, and it makes me smile!

What programs do you use to edit?

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Puppy Love

Not my normal subject matter…but pretty cute all the same! Right?

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